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We specialize in manufacturing custom beaded curtain sizes and styles. No matter what the medium, if it is a bead and attached to a string, we can produce it. So if you're looking for a made-to-order beaded curtain then you need look no further.

We work with designers and event coordinators, to conceptualize ideas and produce the exact beaded curtains envisioned. Being in the business since 2001 has allowed us to build strong relationships with many bead factories and suppliers. This has afforded us the ability to deliver on orders quickly and provide the best pricing.

If you've seen it or thought it we've either done it or can do it.

Beaded curtains custom made to your specs.

Our made-to-order bead curtains are great for:  

Interior decorating
Trade Shows
Movie Sets
Stage Productions
Night Clubs
Television Sets
Beaded curtains we can produce include:

Acrylic Beads
Plastic Beads
Glass Beads

Wood Beads
Bamboo Beads
Crystal Beads
Shell Beads
Fabric Stands
Metal Beads
and more...

Please contact us for a quote.

  Did you know?
Our first custom curtain order was in 2001 for 6,400 sets of wood/bamboo beaded curtains. 8 sets went to each of 800 American Eagle Outfitter retail stores for display. Order to delivery took only 71 days.
We've dealt with bead suppliers on nearly every continent. "Nearly" because we've yet to find a supplier from Antarctica.
  The largest single curtain we've done was a 26ft diameter beaded curtain to showcase Konami Games' Dance Dance Revolution exhibit at the 2006 E3 Expo. (If straightened out the curtain would be over 80ft wide and 10ft tall)
If you are looking for a retailer offering pre-made beaded curtains, please visit: - Beaded Curtains and Door Beads